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we produce products for athletes that want to be fast. one of the elements preventing us from being faster with the bicycle is air resistance. what must the geometry be like to obtain an optimal sitting position? how can bicycle parts be improved with respect to aerodynamics? this is what we occupy ourselves with, because triathletes don’t want to lose any unnecessary time, even if triathlon is only their hobby.


the other element slowing a cyclist down in his movement is friction: the frictional resistance of propulsion and the rolling friction of the tyres. here we have sought and found new solutions: better rolling tyres, ceramic bearings with less resistance, chains and chain guides causing 15% less friction.


water behaves similarly to air. which surface is fast in water? where is buoyancy needed, where not? how can we produce fast swimsuits and keep to the regulations at the same time? these are questions which we discuss with the best producers of materials as less water resistance definitely means swimming faster with the same effort.


Imagethe origin of our quality products lies in tradition, the tradition of a small country without natural resources (except for our unique landscape) which can only continue to exist on the world market because of its excellent workmanship. no mass production, but high quality has gained us an excellent worldwide reputation. this is what we also desire for our customers, as no results can be achieved without reliable products.


Imageas experienced triathletes we know that a seam or a zip may cause pain and inflammation. we have therefore endeavoured to improve the clothing in endurance sport: flat seams and concealed zips are a must. but we also deal with other important matters such as dyes and wafer-thin triathlon pads made from gel or cooling crystals in the textile; this, because triathletes are underway a long time and need only the best.

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