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Erox rear wheel ARIAErox rear wheel ARIA €999.00
Road race bike ManaanRoad race bike Manaan €899.00 Street Manaan extra lig ...Street Manaan extra light €699.00 Road race bike ManaanRoad race bike Manaan €899.00

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Swiss Advantage

High-quality and premium products for ambitious endurance athletes, especially triathletes – that’s what we are offering since five years.

Focused on

• performance
• premium quality and style
• a winning attitude.

We boasts all these and more in our product lines, thus attracting ambitious athletes and making them much faster, too!
We offer our products worldwide in more then 15 countries trough a network of distribution companies, dealers and strategic partners.

Get to know the exact EROX Pproducts directly and visit our online-Webshop. We also present our Productcatalogs to online leaves, as Downloadable PDF or to print directly to you.

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E-Swiss Sportwear

Endurance sport and lifestyle have often been linked with each other. Highly functional options and the exclusive details makes the EROX equipment unique. But for many customers not every second is crucial, that’s the reason we have been develop a new sportswear line with the same keenness and knowledge. The E-Swiss sportswear line. The new EROX sub label are sold worldwide directly to dealers and consumer via Ethernet. High quality products for those who like to wear functional clothes in everyday life and sport. This is E-Swiss.

Erox Team

Yes, we are innovative and fast in the market with new ideas. But we do not let our customers test them. We maintain a triathlon racing team as well as an amateur cycling team which are fully equipped with Erox. Our team members are specialist and they work closely with us to test our developments before we bring them into the market. Embedded in the Erox Racing team are both, loyal professionals as well as amateurs with different occupations like engineers, mechanics, textile expert and coaches. All with same passion: triathlon or road cycling.

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